Senior Quotes

During Quote Week, coming soon, you MUST sign off on your quote with a yearbook rep at lunch. More info to follow closer to our early December deadline for senior pages.

Quote Requirements

  1. Quotes are due by 10/20/17.
  2. Download this Google Form to complete your quote.
  3. Quotes are limited to 650 characters. Please write at least 50 characters. The book looks odd with giant you-could-drive-your-car-through-it spaces.
  4. You will be asked to review and sign-off on the quote as it will appear in the yearbook.

Choosing the Right Quote

  1. Choose something that really means something to you. What do you want to read 20 years from now? What do you want your friends to read?
  2. Words of wisom? Words that have meant something to you through high school or that you want as a guide into your future?
  3. How about phrases that you’ll remember as representations of moments and memories?
  4. Is there anyone you want to thank or honor? Anyone who has inspired or helped you?
  5. Look to literature and lyrics, friends and famous figures, past and present.
  • Links to More Tips on Choosing Quotes

Sources of Quotes

  1. Brainy Quote
  2. Good Reads
  3. Values

How to Choose a Quote

  1. “How to Pick a Senior Quote” Go to site.
  2. “Choosing Your Senior Quote” Go to SparkNotes.
  3. Just Google this topic. There are lots of sites out there.