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Students and parents, we are hoping that you’ll join us in creating a wonderful yearbook by contributing photos. The more great photos you share with us, the more we’ll have to choose among as we layout the pages. Our staff is talented but not omnipresent. They can’t be everywhere to capture memories as they happen. Collectively, you can be there at activities and sporting events. Read some of the tips at the end of this page, and have fun helping us create.

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Tips on Taking Storytelling Photographs

  1. Get in close. Yes, an occasional broad shot that takes in the whole picture is valuable, but the really interesting shots are usually ones you took when you got in in close.
  2. Look for all sides of the story. For instance, at a football game there are obviously players running around and bumping into each other on the field. There are also players on the sidelines reacting to a great catch, coaches gesturing dramatically after a botched play, and fans cheering after a touchdown. See the pep band and the cheerleaders and the people snuggled in the stands under blankets. These things are all part of the story.
  3. Try not centering your subject. The story a photo tells often connects the subject to something that evoked a reaction. Feel the whole story as you compose the photograph in the frame.
  4. Take photographs that connect something in the foreground with something in the background.
  5. Experiment. Try different views and different angles. Play. It’s only digital; no film will be harmed in the making of these photographs.