Baby Ads/Student Recognition Ads

Baby Ad Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2018

Baby Ads, which go by Yearbook Recognition Ads at, are a long-standing HB tradition.

Why Baby Ads?

Although you help support the yearbook by placing a Yearbook Recognition Ad, the real reason is that you get an opportunity to have some fun celebrating your son’s or daughter’s progress from day one. Go to Josten’s to create a page or part of a page.

Secret or Not

    • This is your page. You can choose to share your plans for an ad with your son or daugher, or you can let it be a surprise when the yearbook comes out in the spring. You decide which option is right for your household.


What to Include

  1. On the Josten’s site, you’ll be able to build your ad exactly like you’d like to see it. You can include photographs, words, drawings, and just about anything that makes the page a cool portrait of your son or daughter in pre- high school days.
  2. Usually, parents pick photographs of their senior as a baby, toddler, or little kid. It’s your page, so you get to pick what photographs to share. (Please, clothed from the waist down…they are cute and innocent, but we have a “no bums” policy).
  3. One nice way to create a layout is to pick one larger photograph as a focal point and then choose copy and/or photographs to support it. Then of course, there are lots of other ways to build a great ad. Try Googling “great yearbook baby ads.”

Prices (…still less than those for other NH high schools!*)

baby ad 2018

*NOTE: Price image just updated from; apologies for any confusion.