YEARBOOK ’18: Super September Sale! 40% OFF One month. $60. Save!

Everyone Wins

We want to create a great yearbook for you. Placing your order early allows us to devote all of our attention to obtaining great photographs and creating beautiful layouts. It also helps us keep our overall costs down so we can devote more resources into making a fantastic book–this year and in future years. In other words, everyone wins! So please help us while helping yourself by ordering sooner rather than later.

Here are the Prices

  • SUPER SEPTEMBER SALE! (9/1-9/30): $60/yearbook + FREE personalization +up to 4 FREE ICONS – that’s 40% off  the late buyer final price!
  • FALL SALE (10/1-11/1): $80/yrbk, $5/personalization, $3/icon
  • HOLIDAY SALE (11/2-1/10): $85/yrbk, $5/personalization, $3/icon
  • WINTER SALE (1/11-2/16): $90/yrbk, $5/personalization, $3/icon
  • LAST CHANCE (2/17-5/19): $95/yrbk, $5/personalization, $3/icon
  • I-FORGOT-WHAT-NOW? (5/20-graduation): $100/yrbk, no personalization
  • We prefer that you order online here.
  • You can contact us to order by check/in person, but there is an additional $5.00 handling fee (except for the last price of $100).


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